Humans live in relationship – to one another, to environment, to our work, to our physical reality.

We have a relational God (in relationship to Himself).  Things of value are the product of relationship, of meaningful interaction either between agents, or of an agent and it’s environment.

  • Spousal relationships beget children.  Friendship begets harmony, good feeling, and cooperative value.
  • Exercise (interaction with our physical environment) begets health.  As animals, we consume our environments, in the form of food, to grow and sustain life.
  • Work is the meeting of our will with some object or task…with the intention that the object is enhanced, or value created through an exertion of ourselves onto “things” or “ideas” outside ourselves.

Genuine, authentic interaction between persons, or between a person and his or her work, or physical environment, is fruitful.  The result is greater than the sum of the parts.  “1 + 1  = 3” may be as genuinely a law of our reality as is the “true” version.


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