Humanity and Ritual

Humans are ritualistic. We respond to, and are guided by, stimuli and our environments, our conditions, far more than most like to admit.

Most organized religion recognize this in being ritualized.   Repetition, signal, and cue and powerful guides for thought and behavior, and shape our personalities.  Shape a human, shape humanity.

Our habits (our rituals) make us who we are.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

– Aristotle

Any attempt at self-improvement, or community improvement, should aim for habit, for ritual, for process.  Not for motivation, or effort, or even reason.  Use reason in a matter of reason.  use encouragement in a matter of heart.  But once the reason and motivation are established, don’t try to continue with reason or encouragement to help the right use of either.  If its meant to last (to the extent anything human and material lasts) we need to use habit, i.e. ritual.

The power of one a day….


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